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Central Middle Credit Rating Calculation

The MCC Rating is prepared in accordance with the Operational Provisions of the SME Guarantee Fund, which are in force from 15 March 2019, which provide for the extension of the “New Sabatini” assessment model to all eligible financial transactions. Fund’s intervention.

The model provides for the applicant to be assigned a rating range from 1 (maximum score) to 5 (minimum) to which a rating on the company’s solvency is matched and an estimate of the probability of default which, ultimately determines the eligibility of the application for access to the guarantees provided by the Fund.

This is a valid document and it can be submitted to the relevant lenders.

The assessment consists of two modules:

The economic and financial form is based solely on the financial statements

The andamental module is divided into two components:

    1. Credit Bureau: examines data collected by The Credit Information Systems (Cerved, Crif) regarding installment, non-rate and card contracts (alternative to CR).

    2. Central Risk: is based on the information present in the Bank of Italy report on the dynamics of maturing risks and exposure per cash

To calculate the full rating, the following documentation must be required:

  • Last two approved budgets
  • Central risks of the last 6 months
  • Knowledge of the presence of prejudicial events.
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It should be noted, however, that it is possible to calculate the rating even if you have only the budget data and the prejudicial events (in this case obtaining a rating based on partial information).