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Operating rental is a solution that allows, against the payment of a fixed periodic fee, to have the availability of an instrumental asset to the exercise of one's profession or entrepreneurial activity, without acquiring ownership. This service is suitable for customers looking for a flexible solution, which allows continuous technological renewal, free from the risk of obsolescence of company assets.

The benefits of renting

:: Maintaining liquidity
:: Significant credit rating improvement
:: Planning security with constant fees
:: Always up-to-date technology
:: Also available for limited equipment, starting at 500 euros
:: Tax benefits related to rent deductibility


Financial exposure is one of the biggest problems facing Italian SMEs, especially in these years of credit crunch and general difficulty in raising capital. It is therefore obvious that any legal method to reduce the use of liquidity is certainly welcome.
When it comes to acquiring capital goods, both to renew company equipment, and because the company is in the startup phase, the "traditional" purchase with payment of the asset in a single solution is now an absolutely prohibitive practice, both from a point of view economic, financial and fiscal perspective. The alternatives, fortunately, are not lacking!

Tax advantages of operating rental

If the financial benefits are no small feat, the tax advantages are also more interesting. To begin with, any issues with depreciation and management of company assets are eliminated, and the benefits are independent of the duration of the rental agreement. In addition, rental is not considered in industry studies. In addition, rental fees are fully deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes (and VAT deductibles)