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Management and business planning control

The business process of management and business planning control, through a system of analysis and reporting, is a support to the operative and strategic decisions aware in the management of the enterprise risk. It makes use of a company information system that provides all the informations to support the decisions themselves.
The goal is to align strategies, people, processes, technologies and competencies across the organization by optimizing risk management and creating value in line with the business model.

Concrete and measurable results in this respect can be achieved with the integration of risk management processes and planning and control processes, achieving a competitive advantage.

The following results can be achieved by setting a correct management planning and control process:

  •  Clearly define the objectives of growth and business development through a multiannual plan.
  •  To define an annual economic, financial and patrimonial Budget.
  •  Discovering inefficiencies, containment areas and cost reduction
  • To have the correct and timely information on the costs commensurate with the activity carried out, in order to allow to define the prices of the products and the commercial policies and, therefore, to calculate the profitability of the products.
  • Improve the management of liquidity, through the financial budget, cash flows and control of the evolution of financial requirements.
  • Have the tools to remain competitive, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your company and intervening in areas that need improvement.
  • To improve the attention of the various company managers to the achievement of the objectives with the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of their realization.